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Inge Beeker

Inge Beeker, Founder

Inge Beeker is a native of Alabama. He was raised in Greene County, Alabama where he learned the timber business from working with his father at Beeker Timber Company in Eutaw, Alabama. Mr. Beeker received his Bachelors of Science in Forestry from Auburn University. He became a Registered Forester and managed Beeker Timber Company assisting land owners in selling their timber and gaining a working knowledge of the timber industry. While employed at Beeker Timber Company, he received his Accounting Degree from The University of Alabama.

He became a partner of a real estate company where he achieved great success in land sales. He is the founder of IngeWood Land Company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He is uniquely qualified in his field possessing a financial, timber, and real estate background.

He can be reached by calling 205.343.2290 / 205.534.5818 or by emailing

Terry Jacobs

Terry Jacobs, Agent

Terry Jacobs has been in the land business for more than 25 years. He received his Bachelors of Science degree from Auburn University in 1981. Mr. Jacobs is a Registered Forester and Real Estate Broker.

He was the President and Co-owner of a forestry service and land management company for nine years. In 1994, Mr. Jacobs started his own forestry consultant and real estate company. He is also proud to be an Alabama Firefighter I & II and certified EMT. IngeWood Land Company is excited to have Terry Jacobs on staff.

He can be reached by calling 205.343.2290 / 205.792.4888 or by emailing

Edward Lindsay

Edward Lindsay, Agent

Edward Lindsay is a native of Demopolis, Alabama in Marengo County. He is proud to be the fourth generation of the Lindsay family to be involved in the land and timber business.

After attending Auburn University, Mr. Lindsay procured wood for a timber dealer in Marengo County for fourteen years. He accepted a partnership in 2004 and dealt in timber and land acquisition and specialized in land sales. With over twenty years of experience, Mr. Lindsay has a vast knowledge of timber lands, property sales and acquisitions.

He can be reached by calling 205.343.2290 / 334.507.4191 or by emailing

Anthony Woods

Anthony Woods, Agent

Anthony Woods, the newest member of Ingewood Land Company, was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. For several years Anthony has worked on land acquiring a great amount of knowledge of the land and timber business. Since he has started working with our company, Anthony has worked in land and timber sales as well as managed our commercial and residential properties.

Mr. Woods began his college career playing baseball for Carson Newman College in Tennessee. From there he went to the University of Alabama where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Ingewood Land Company now employs Mr. Woods where he specializes in land sales.

He can be reached by calling 205.343.2290 / 205.792.2775 or by emailing

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